Integral Reforms

If you need a integral reform in your home or office, CG reforms is your best option

In the integral reform we will take into account several important points so that the project adapts to your way of life giving special attention to the design, implementing the latest trends in terms of finishes while maintaining the highest quality without this having an impact on an increase in the final cost.

Our team of professionals knows the exact formula to be able to carry out your project at an affordable cost while maintaining the highest quality.

We are experts in rehabilitation and interior design for bathrooms, kitchens, aluminum windows and all kinds of integral reforms you need.

Santi Gil

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To make the budget, we need you to send us:

  • The measures of the room (width, length).
  • 2 or 3 images that we can clearly see the layout of the furniture.
  • A comment with your needs with details.

If you have doubts or you want us to send a technician to your house, please tell us in the comments.

Integral Reforms